Final construction stage underway

On August 12, crews began the final stage of construction.

Construction activities will be at the eastern half of the intersection and include:

  • removing existing pavement
  • rebuilding the deteriorating curbs and gutters
  • replacing the pavement substructure and repaving
  • constructing new pedestrian island and curb ramps

Weather permitting, we expect to complete this work in two weeks.

When crews complete this work, the intersection will reopen with only minor construction activities left that will have minimal impacts to traffic.

Expect changes as you travel through the area

The intersection will remain open during construction, with one lane of traffic in each direction. Sidewalks will remain open on one side of the road. And, we will maintain access to local businesses during construction.

However, people should expect some roadway turning restrictions, lane configuration and access changes, and sidewalk closures.

Turning restrictions

People driving will see the following turning restrictions at the intersection during this construction stage:

  • no left turn from southbound Shadywood Road to eastbound Shoreline Drive
  • no left turn from westbound Shoreline Drive to southbound Shadywood Road