Woofington, Luxury Petite Dog Resort & Spa

Contact: Lisa Larson
Work 3596 Shoreline Drive Orono MN 55391 United States Work Phone: 952-471-1070 Website: www.Woofington.com


Photo of Woofington, Luxury Petite Dog Resort & Spa

The Woofington is the Twin Cities’ only Luxury Resort & Spa exclusively for Small Dogs 25 lbs. and under. Luxury Dog Boarding, Grooming and Doggie Daycare all in one convenient location in the heart of the Lake Minnetonka area.

Overnight boarding guests of the Woofington are treated to a variety of opulent suites, complete with plush bedding, oriental rugs, and chandelier lighting. With an array of room sizes ranging from cozy Comfort suites that instill a feeling of safety and comfort, to the lavish Presidential Suite featuring a queen-sized bed with down bedding, flat panel television, and in-suite webcam, the Woofington has a suite that is the perfect fit for each of our clients’ needs.

The Spa Woofington offers a complete menu of indulgent grooming services that include bathing, hair styling, paw-dicures, and blueberry facial treatments. We even offer a MiniPacer treadmill, for those pet guests who want to take a nice long walk within the cozy confines of our climate controlled building.

Our indoor play space is the ideal location for our pet guests to frolic and play. Daycare is the perfect way for your pet to exercise and socialize with all of their four-pawed friends, all on a padded rubberized floor specifically designed to minimize impact and stress to little canine paws.

We invite anyone considering using our services to come in for a complimentary tour of our facility, anytime during lobby hours. In fact, we insist on it. We’re happy to show you all that the Woofington has to offer!