The State of MN recently passed targeted legislation supporting aid to the most severely impacted small business sectors.  The State business assistance programs appear to be primarily push-oriented with the Dept of Revenue identifying qualified recipients, and determining assistance/relief amounts.  The link below will re-direct you to their fact sheet on these targeted programs.  I send this to make sure that none of you fall off the radar and miss out on key resources.  There are contact points listed on the web site for more detailed information or follow up.

COVID-19 Business Relief Payments | Minnesota Department of Revenue (

The State package also includes dollars for non-profits that earn revenues similar to retail/entertainment via ticket and merch sales with the following provided by Hennepin County:

The State of Minnesota’s COVID relief package passed earlier this week will provide a total of $24,629,475 in economic relief funds for Hennepin County to distribute to businesses and nonprofits that earn that earn revenue similar to businesses (such as by ticket sales and membership fees).  Our Housing and Economic Development team is seeking your input to inform the development of a program that will have the greatest impact.  We understand that the need among businesses and non-profits exceeds the limited resources, and we know that time is of the essence.  Our goal is to launch a program as swiftly as possible that meets state requirements, places minimal burden on applicants, and allows efficient application processing to meet the deadline to disburse all funding by March 15.   In addition to funds provided to counties, the State Department of Revenue will provide direct payments to businesses required to temporarily close or reduce services in November under Executive Order 20-99. Visit the latest payment and program information for the direct payments at DEED’s website.