Westonka Community and Commerce is pleased to welcome a new Board of Directors for the 2020 year. WCC is a professional networking group of local individuals, business owners and organizations working together to promote the Westonka area. Pictured from left to right: Curt Nelson (Treasurer), Kim Rostis (President), Bob Christians (Membership), Karen King (Membership/Events), Chris Fischer (Vice President), Betsy Brady (Secretary), John Beise (Marketing/Website).

2020  WCC Board Positions:

  • President:  Kim Rostis
  • Vice President: Chris Fischer
  • Secretary:  Betsy Brady
  • Treasurer:  Curtis Nelson
  • Communications:  Karen King, Betsy Brady
  • Marketing:  Karen King, Betsy Brady, John Beise
  • Membership: Bob Christians, Karen King
  • Events:  Karen King, Betsy Brady
  • Website:  John Beise, Karen King

2020 WCC Board Members

  • Kim Rostis, MN Lakes Bank [Email]
  • Karen King, Edward Jones Investments [Email]
  • Bob Christians, Christians Properties [Email]
  • Betsy Brady, Christians Insurance Restoration [Email]
  • Curt Nelson, Minnesota Lakes Bank [Email]
  • Chris Fischer, Orono Police Department [Email]
  • John Beise, RE/MAX Advantage Plus [Email]